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boulies newest adjustable chairs are committed to offering you more comfortable sitting experience.


which series fits you best?
Please note that this is only a general guideline, as everyone comes in different shapes, sizes and has a different taste in design. We strongly recommend checking out the "Product Dimensions" section of each chair's detail page, to give you a better idea of which chair fits you best!
Integrated racing as the main design element with unique combination design of two kinds of leather which makes boulies gaming chairs more fashionable and fascinating for each pro gamer. Because of its unique racing inspired aesthetic design, it’s a perfect option for people who care about the setup aesthetic.
Committed to helping people optimize their sitting environments, boulies focus on improving ergonomic design. With the new special design of the backrest, people will find it conforms to the natural curvature of the spine perfectly which can support people and help them release fatigue in long-time working or gaming.

Microfiber Suede

It's an extremely anti-friction material and usually show up in the upholstery of sports cars. It's high-quality and strong yet smooth and comfort.
*This material is used on: Ninja Pro Series, Master Series, Elite Series.

Ultraflex PU leather

It’s more durable than regular PU leather. With exclusive processing technology, the ultraflex PU leather is tested to be high wear-resistant, stain-resistant and water-resistant, yet still soft, elastic and smooth to give you soft, comfortable sitting experience.
*This material is used on: Ninja Pro Series, Master Series, Elite Series.

Cold-cured foam

boulies chairs body use cold-cured foam, soft and can help the chair keep the shape. Give you great support and keep you in a comfortable sitting position.

Reinforced aluminum

Providing extremely stability and strength, each base is not only perfectly balanced but also strong bearing capacity.
*This material is used on: Ninja Pro Series, Master Series, Elite Series.
TESTED BY AUTHORITATIVE CERTIFICATION COMPANY Tested parts: Hydraulic Lift,Multi-Functional Mechanism, Reclining Mechanism, Aluminum Foot Base.

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Verified Purchase
united kindom James Montgomery
We bought a few for the studio and they are very comfortable. Was pleased with the prompt delivery on the date given. Simple to put together though wasn't that clear on the levers, had to give them a bit of a knock to get nice and tight. Very pleased - this chair is a great choice.
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Verified Purchase
united kindom Zakaria Dada
Let it be known, this is my first gaming chair and thus I have no clue about any competitors such as DXRacer and SecretLab and the like. However, I have had some crappy Amazon chairs that break and such.
One thing that needs to be said about this chair is that it is not generic, most of the ones that you see on Amazon are all made from the same factory in China just without branding or with a stamped logo. I believe that this chair is not made like this as it is made with a special design, similar to those used of the more expensive SecretLab chairs but still independent.
I am not a DIY person at all, however, this product is relatively easy to assemble. Before you install, make sure to remove the pre installed screws on the side of the base of the chair, as well as the underside of the base of the chair. One thing that I did not like about this however, was that the instructions were a little vague and there was not really an installation video to find. I am sure a more DIY minded person could do it quicker, but I thought it was lacking a little detail but it was all in English and no spelling mistakes, another more personal thing you will get from Boulies. Installation took me and my father like an hour and a half as we are not DIY minded, but Amazon also has a service which gives you expert assembly for £30 so that is also an option.
As I said before, I have not really tried other gaming chairs and thus I cannot really compare them. One thing that I can see though, is that the design of the chair is quite similar to those of SecretLabs which another commenter has touched upon. The design and the comfortability of the chair is quite acceptable to me and I am pleased with the reclinability and the various pillows. There is a lumbar and head pillow which are shown in my photographs and they are made of a nice comfy material which is Velour.
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Verified Purchase
united kindom Jordan
Got this chair yesterday and it’s perfect for my needs ! Glad to get rid of my old chair it was horrible. Looked around for ages to find the right chair then found secretlabs chairs which looked perfect but costs way to much so I dug a little deeper and found this chair ( same chair just different name ) and I’m glad I found it saved myself loads of money ! Good to find a company that offers great value and doesn’t overcharge customers. 100% happy customer
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Verified Purchase
united kindom Robert Bellamy
Wow, what a chair. Arrived within the 3 days that I had ordered and was very well packed. Easy to assemble, even on my own.
Very well made and comfy. Has all the adjustments I need and they are all perfect for me, ie, height, swivel, tilt and arm adjustments.
I spend many hours a day in front of my computer, ( I'm lucky as I'm retired ), up to 10 or 12hrs and suffer no back ache etc at all, playing driving sims, train sim and other games or just cruising the net, this chair is perfect.
If you are in the market for a new chair, highly recommended, don't hesitate, just buy.
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Verified Purchase
united kindom Matt
This chair is amazing, super comfortable and well built, the lumbar and head pillows/support are also well made.
When assembling this chair, for the most part it is easily a one person job however when putting the side plastic covers on it helps to have a second person due to the amount of force needed and to hold the chair still, but is still manageable with one person.
Two minor things that I would cretique is that the small plastic covers for the screw holes on the side of the chair are really difficult to remove if needed and because they are made out of soft plastic are easily damaged. The other thing is that the plastic handle for the height adjust mechanism is also made out of a soft plastic and causes it to slip on the metal shaft and not operate the gas lift, but so far I haven't needed to change it so that has been fine.
Overall, this chair is great for the price and is very similar to ones being sold by secret labs for over £100 more, and a month in there is no creeks or bangs of any kind.
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Verified Purchase
united kindom RizZy
I've had the chair now about a week, took me a little while to get used to it as you can see from the pic it was a bit of an upgrade from my old chair, all in all very happy with it & will happily recommend Boulies to anyone looking for somewhere new to park their backside.
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Verified Purchase
united kindom Cotovatre Alexander
Extremely happy with the build quality and material of this chair. It was well packaged and very easy to assemble. It looks fantastic and is holding up great to almost daily use for over 3 months now with no sign of wear on any part.
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Verified Purchase
united kindom Jordan
I must say its a great buy !!!
Easily comparable if not better then the DXracer or Vertagear chairs. Very well packaged , takes 30 min max to assemble and looks great plus its really comfortable and adjustable in any way imaginable. Leather quality is miles better from my previous chair . I am not writing a ton of reviews but this chair deserves one. The 24 month warranty is also a nice addition!
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Verified Purchase
united kindom Brighton Roberts
Comfortable, looks great, straight forward to assemble and very good quality!
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Verified Purchase
united kindom Barty
Package was sent very quickly and efficiently. Assembly did not take more than 20 minutes. All parts were well packed and secured. when you sit down, you do not want to get up anymore. I highly recommend a product whose 24 months warranty is a big advantage. I love this chair.
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Verified Purchase
united kindom Henry1k
My name is Henry1k I am a professional caster within eSports, finding a chair which looks and feels great for my long casting/gaming sessions has become vital, this is where the Boulies Master Series chair has saved the day. I absolutely stand by this product. Excuse the messy setup I just hope these photos give this product the justice it deserves. 10/10
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