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Bad joke

I ordered a blue chair. They said it would be here 4/14. Nobody let me know about a delay until I emailed Boulies 4/16. When I got a response they let me know my blue chair "was lost by fedex", which cannot be true, as the last update to the shipping said FedEx had not received the package yet. So ontop of being fibbed to by customer service, I still have no chair and no chair en route, and Boulies believes the best solution is to offer me a $10 discount on a BROWN chair. A 3% discount as a solution to losing a customer's product? Pretty clear the bottom line is more important than the customer or the product. also pretty clear they are continuing to sell products that are out of stock in the hope customers will accept whichever chair they send them. Also would appear they are training their customer care team to lie to customers. Needless to say it's looking like my very last Boulies experience.

Sorry to bring you bad experience. Your order was been picked up by Fedex. We have contacted Fedex and they said the parcel might be lost in their depot. As the master chair in blue you ordered is the last one in our warehouse, Sorry that it is difficult to arrange the reshipment of the master chair in blue unless you wait for the next stock or fedex find the chair. So we contacted you if you would like to choose for another chair in different color or refund the order. Sorry that we have already covered the cost of lost chairs and shipping fee, it is hard to offer you more discount. So sorry again for the shippment.

worth the money

I use this chair for my gaming setup and it's so comfortable. It is built super sturdy and is so well balanced that you can spin around effortlessly. The chair (unlike many others) comes with a 2-year Warranty! I would guess that the company would not issue such a warranty if they thought they would continually get returns.

Overall, the chair is extremely comfortable, supporting all the areas (Lumber, Neck, etc) that need supporting for a prolonged gaming session, although I am nowhere near that stage at the moment! They say you get what you pay for! Again, in my opinion, this would fall into the category of a mid-priced ranged chair. There are many cheaper, but if your budget allows you to go that little bit extra. This chair seems to tick all the boxes. I am happy to give this chair a 5 Star review. For the price and build quality, I don’t think you can go wrong.

Huge upgrade

Bought this chair because the one I had before had broken and was a massive piece of garbage, this product is a huge upgrade in a lot of ways like better material and more supports as well as higher quality manufacturing

Great Gaming chair!

Very comfy and well made, very happy with it not returning it I’m staying with it because it has everything I want it on a chair! I really recommend this chair to anyone who’s not too heavy and not too tall!

just what i needed to work from home

I was looking for a chair that was adjustable, had a solid head-rest and enough adjustment in the lumbar support to help me last a whole day at "work" . Took a bit of a gamble with this one, but i do not regret it at all. great chair and ticks all the boxes. I would recommend getting a footrest as well for even better posture.